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Aug 19


I watched this video because I told a friend John Mayer is a great guitar player. I haven’t listened to him in years so I picked this performance and crossed my fingers. I feel like 99% times you show an “amazing” video to a friend, they usually don’t share your enthusiasm. 

I miss music like this. I don’t know too many current artists because I don’t understand their songs hahaha. I found out 2chains is a rapper!? I thought it was some brand or age is showing.

So when I heard this song I fell in love with the lyrics once again. 

I think gravity is about a man struggling to not cheat on his wife. He is extremely attracted to gravity but he needs to stay the hell away and stay where the light is haha.

But the song can also be about how our fear, guilt, pride, etc can act as our gravity. It prevents us from jumping higher, excelling in life, taking on new adventures, etc. We are allowing gravity to set our limits.

Anyways I can’t sleep because I’m so excited for tomorrow. I remember I felt so guilty when my mom told me my dad got laid off when I was in college. I wanted to help any way possible because.. I felt guilty that I wasn’t able to take care of them.  I failed at MANY things but this one hurt A LOT. 

Tomorrow is a big day.

Life is good :]

Dec 16

It took me 27 years to realize life isn’t all about money

Don’t take my word for it.  Everyone is going to learn this message one way or another in their lifetime.  Everything has a cost, and happiness is priceless.

Sep 14

Sep 13

Aug 26

I used to hear and agree to “time heals all”

Feels like I’m losing them left and right

Feb 10

Going going gone

I dont have too many followers but decided to go on to a more private blog.

Jan 20

What a great message and voice

Jan 10

Dec 11


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